The Recipe Manager, Silver Edition

The ultimate cookbook software for home cooks and professional chefs alike. Add your recipes; organize; create shopping lists; scale recipes; import recipes from web; more. TheRecipeManager is an innovative award winning software application for the PC or Mac that allows you to store all your recipes and search through them at any time. Ingredients photos instructions nutritional information and much more are all accessible from one easy-to-use interface.TheRecipeManager was created to enhance the users experience in the kitchen. There is more to recipe software than simply being an electronic catalog – you need to know more and have less time to find it. You need to be able to create and manage multiple shopping lists you need to know you can add your own recipes to scale recipes to fit your needs and from time to time make something special using the ingredients you have in the refrigerator. Share recipes with friends. USDA Nutrient Database included. Be better organized with everything in one place.Features:Organize – Keep all of your recipe information in one place. Ingredients photos instructions nutritional information and much more all accessible from this one easy to use interface.Add Your Own Recipes – Add and organize your recipes the way you like them.Import Recipes From Nearly Anywhere – TheRecipeManager lets you to import recipes from just about anywhere including your current Mastercook collection or your favorite website.Create Meals – Click and drag recipes for plete meals.Schedule – Planning meals a day a week or more in advance is no longer just for the health conscious but the time conscious too.System Requirements:XPVISTA WIN 2000 / UB MAC 10.4 OR LATERFormat: WIN 2000XPVISTA/MAC 10.4 OR LATERUB Genre: REFERENCE / LIFESTYLE UPC: 894497002063 Manufacturer No: ASRW-TRM-350

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