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Automation is coming are you prepared

Over the next few years automation of medicine prescriptions to fast food restaurants is coming and it is very important you prepare yourselves and your families in order to not only survive but thrive in this new emerging economy. The technological internet revolution was overlooked for many years however its impact helped build some businesses and diversify in order to get new customers and cost saving by going direct to customer bases for minimal spend, this only really effected the advertising industry and competing business however the automation revolution is going to effect jobs and many millions of jobs which is why everybody reading this blog should learn as much as possible about these merging technological changes so that your prepared for the future.

Robots have mostly been the thing of comedy and sci fi until now as the pricing and technology makes these cheaper and much more advanced than imagined companies are rushing to replace their workforce mainly because of cost savings and it is vital to see if your business or place of work is going to be one of those that are hardest hit. Automation is not the only technological innovation that is going to change things but Artificial intelligence will no doubt create thinking machines that are many millions of times more advanced than human brains with some people even suggesting we should have computer implants merge with humans in order to keep up and not let technology take over.

With IBM and Google advancing more and more every year we will be covering this topic on this blog so your not left out in the cold. For the latest information on this and much more subscribe to our website to receive updates on these and new technologies.


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